Mentoring program

In Russia (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia) is a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters International, one of the most effective mentoring programs for children in difficult life situations. Currently the program exists in 13 countries all over the world (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Bermuda, South Africa, and Russia).

In Russia, we are registered as Interregional Public Organization and we work according to standards of Big Brothers Big Sisters International. Our program has official expert report from the State University of Family and Social Upbringing.

Our Mission

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program is to help children in difficult life situations (Littles) to achieve their life’s potential through professionally organized relationships with an adult volunteer mentor (Big). Arranged match is built under the supervision of our specialists – case managers. Our case managers professionally arrange matches between Bigs and Littles and supervise their progress.


Our Contribution

Our program has shown that spending at least a few hours with a child in a difficult life situation increases his self-confidence and self-esteem. The child becomes more outgoing, more interested in his surroundings, and improves his performance at school.

Our Vision

We want all children around the world to realize their full potential, an outcome which will positively influences the future for themselves, their country, and for the entire world.



Vadim Menshov Director, Orphanage №8Vadim Menshov