Why do we need donations?

Your donations can change children`s life

Currently, the Big Brothers Big Sisters program helps more that 600 children who live in orphanages, children`s houses and dysfunctional families.

We all know how busy life can be. Sometimes the demands of our lives do not allow us to give time to volunteering. However, you can still help! We get frequent requests for assistance from orphanages and families who have no support and we asking for greatly need donations.

Thanks to donors like you, to we can find an adult friend for a child in need who will accompany him on life’s bumpy road towards adulthood.

Donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program is your way to help your community thrive. Your donations will help with:

  • Finding children who need adult support in our program. We conduct children`s events for orphans and underprivileged children and who are potential participants in our program.
  • Attracting volunteer mentors. Conducting volunteer mentor recruiting events helps us to achieving our goal of providing an adult mentor for every child who needs one.
  • Matching our volunteer mentors with a child in accordance with the international standards of BBBSI. Each volunteer goes through an interview, completes a survey, psychological testing, professional training, and should submit all the required documentation in order to participate in the program. Only upon completion of these steps does the matching process begin.
  • Providing professional supervision and counseling for matches. Professional psychologists, pedagogues and social workers on our staff supervise each match individually, providing recommendations on how to build friendly and effective relationships between Bigs and Littles.
  • Planning and running group trainings and educational programs. By sponsoring our program, you can provide children with the chance to experience museums, zoos, aquariums, exhibitions, theater performances, workshops, excursions and many other cultural events.

Your donations can change children`s life for the better:

  • 84% of children will become more emotionally stable
  • 79% of children will become more self-confident
  • 74% will become more out going
  • 58% will become more initiative

These results demonstrate significant changes in life of children, participants of our program. 



Vadim Menshov Director, Orphanage №8Vadim Menshov