Elina and Anastasia

Elina and Anastasia

Here is what Elina Mannurova, a student at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo and volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, had to say:

“I have been Anastasia's Big Sister for six months now. She turned 12 not too long ago. Every time we get together, I manage to discover something new about her character as a person and her outlook on the world. Anastasia likes to read, draw and loves studying subjects in the humanities. She loves animals, especially Nura, the orphanage dog.

 Anastasia is very independent and never does anything that she thinks is unnecessary. If she sees all the kids go draw, then she would probably go sing, and she wouldn't budge at the suggestion of doing otherwise. She hates noise and would sooner prefer peace and quiet by herself. Having said that, it is not that easy to find peace and quiet at the orphanage, being there so many energetic kids and so many things going on all the time. She is creative and does not trust too many people. For example, she does not try to make friends with everyone she meets outside of the orphanage, since she has friends there that are a part of the same group and are like a family to her.  

 Anastasia is very friendly and receptive, pays thoughtful attention to people talking to her and is willing to help the younger girls. If we meet up in the evening, she always tells me to go right to bed as soon as I get home because I am tired. It is always touching and nice when a young person gives you such sincere advice.

 I try to spend time with Nastya outside of the orphanage or read together in her group. I really want Nastya to finish middle school, go onto college and find a profession that will give her a good life. Having said that, I want even more for her just to be happy and be a good mom, since she has all the ability in the world to do so”

Anna Mashninova Communication Executive, DHL Express, RussiaAnna Mashninova