Nadezhda and Katya

Nadezhda and  Katya

Nadezhda Koltsova is a 4th year pedagogy and psychology student of Mariy State University and a volunteer of Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She has participated in the program for two years and she is a wonderful Big for her Little Sister Katya. Katya got into the a program because of recommendation of her school counselor – Novoselova Nina Viktorovna. Nina Vikotorovna described Katya as a good and hard working girl but very unsociable and closed off. She really needed an adult friend.

 She described her first meeting with her Little Sister Nadya  in her volunteer journal: “I will remember this day forever! Katya is in the second grade. As soon as I entered the class and saw her, I knew that we would get along. At first, it seemed like Katya was closed off but after some time, she opened up and it turned out that she is very talkative and will tell you everything about herself!  She is a very good girl, but she won`t open up to anyone right away. At first she was very shy but now we walk hand in hand together and talk about everything”

Many things changed in Katya`s life when she got a Big Sister and many new things happened.  She went to her first time  they went to the cinema for the first time with Nady. She had her first ice skating experience at the Ice Palace. They also went to the children`s fun center “Buagaga” and watched trained animals and clowns in the circus. They visited the national art gallery and saw an exhibition “Barbie Doll is 50 Years Old.” They went together to the University and participated in trainings with other children and volunteers. Katya experienced her first overnight trip away from home when she left for three days to be at the Interregional Gathering for children and their volunteers. Katya truly loved the gathering. She loved playing games, dancing at the disco, going sightseeing in the city and she loved the gifts that everyone got at the end of the gathering. Of course, such fun events don`t happen as often as we wish but most of the time, the two Sisters do interesting and useful things together. Nadya and Katya go for a walk together, Nadya helps Katya to do her homework, they play games, do crosswords and puzzles- all in all they have a lot of fun together!

In her journal Nadya wrote once: “Katya met me open-armed. There is nothing more valuable than a child’s love and to love children!”


Vadim Menshov Director, Orphanage №8Vadim Menshov