Veronika and Liana

How often do people feel lonely and mask it with smiles?  It happens fairly often. If a person does not look upset or mad, it does not mean that he feels great – it takes a lot of effort to achieve inner peace and joy.

Liana attracted attention from her childhood. Dark eyed, smiley, graceful, she was a star of dance class. Her Eastern dances rocked regional and district`s stages. In addition, she was a high achiever and her grades were perfect. She is the oldest child in her big Chechen family. She and her siblings share many household responsibilities they share together with her mom,. Liana loves her mom a lot and her mother is happy to have such a wonderful daughter. However, Liana doesn’t get enough attention from her mother because the other children also require attention. Liana is a 5th grader. This is an age when children really need an adult`s care, attention and friendly advice.

Specialists of the program saw this girl and found her a wonderful match – an English teacher Garaeva Veronika Sergeevna, a young specialist, who had worked at the school for two years.  girl is aA  positive and creative person, she’s weathered had some tough situations in her life. Thanks to her positive outlook and her friends’ support, Veronika did not lose her optimism and altruism. Today she can bring that experience to this little girl and help her through a complicated growing-up process. That`s how they met and their  way became mutual paths became intertwined. 

Veronika had always wanted a sister and she could relate to Liana`s difficulties. They shared mutual interests like dancing. They performed together on a school stage. Supporting each other at school and at home, they found new strength and brought new energy to each other’s lives.


Vadim Menshov Director, Orphanage №8Vadim Menshov