Will a volunteer position do for me?

We would like to emphasize that when choosing volunteers, we care more about your personal characteristics than your professional skills or abilities.

Volunteer requirements:

•  Over 18 years of age

•  No criminal record or civil court proceedings

•  Residence in the territory where the program operates

Volunteer characteristics:

•  Wish to be attentive towards to a child and show him care and friendship

•  Wish to be a role model for a child

•  Wish to support a child and aid in his development

•  Wish to build a trusting relationship with a child as well as with his family and friends

Mentors, or “Bigs” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program are responsible, stable, open and mature adults who are kind, patient, have a sense of humor, and who are ready to commit their time   to their Little Brother or Sister.  

Vadim Menshov Director, Orphanage №8Vadim Menshov