What do I need to do to become a Big?

1.  To fill out on line application. Click here, to start filling out the application. Our case managers will review the application and will contact you as soon as possible to set up the first interview.

2. First interview. During first interview you will find out more about our program and will be able to talk to our case managers about any questions you may have. will   .

First interview includes:

•  A Survey. The survey asks a few questions that help us to get to know you better by highlighting your skills and interests.

•  Psychological tests. Psychological tests help to define a volunteer`s psychological portrait, and help our case workers find the best way to use a volunteer's we analyze it to find any psychological deviations or problems that can impede positive relationship between volunteer and child.

First interview usually lasts 1.5 hour.

3. Required documents. To participate in our program you will have to provide documents:

•  2 letters of recommendations. One professional (from your boss, co-worker, or professor) and one personal (from a classmate, friend or someone who knows you well). The people who serve as your references who endorses you may n о t be your relative and should be adults.

•  Medical and Criminal Background Checks. A psychological professional should attest to your psychiatric health check should be taken in psychoneurologic dispensary about your psychiatric health and you should submit a police department record which shows that you have no criminal charges against you. Record should be taken from local police department.

4.Trainings. After the interview and submission of the documents, you will go through volunteer training. Training lasts 15 hours and is conducted at a variety of times to match your schedule. You can choose from evening training during the work week from 19:00 to 22:00, or on Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:30.

5. Matching process. After training, your case manager will choose a match for you that fits you best. Matches are being made based on your character, psychological similarities, mutual interests, hobbies and expectations. After an initial personal meeting and mutual agreement, the two of you become a match.

6. Agreement and supervision: Agreement is signed by the child, volunteer (you), a parent/guardian and the case manager and remains valid for a year . During the entire period, your case manager will support and help you. We would like to ask you to contact your case manager at least once a month. By keeping in touch with your case manager, you can get the advice of professional psychologists, get help with any difficult situations you may encounter, or you may simply share your impressions of program participation. Good luck and patience   !

Anna Bernikova Administrator, Rehabilitation and Correctional Education Center, Federal Institute for Educational DevelopmentAnna Bernikova