How to spend time with a child

You do not have to spend a lot of money to entertain your Little! You have enough interesting experience in your life to share with a child, the most important thing is to spend time together! To get you started, we you have a short list below of ideas for healthy and fun ways to spend time with your Little. You just need to remember a few important things: your activities with your Little should exclude dangerous situations (for example, extreme sports), you are a role model in everything you do (even when you cross the road against a red light), the best activities for a child are healthy activities (for example, fishing instead of computer games)
Great Activities for Children of all Ages:

  • Take a walk around your city, take pictures and make a scrapbook together •Create postcards or other handmade items for each other and your friends or Visit a local animal shelter and bring food or medicine for the animals
  • Feed the ducks or squirrels at a nearby park
  • Make a bird house
  • Collect fall leaves
  • Fly a kite
  • Go fishing
  • Take for a hike, or go on a picnic, cook shish kebab together
  • Go biking or roller skating in the park (make sure you wear safety gear). If it is winter, consider skiing or skating
  • Invite your Little to your home, cook something together, (you could even create new recipe), invite friends or family to try your creation
  • Have a cup of tea and just talk (listen more than you talk, especially to teenagers)
  • Participate in some community service: plant a tree or collect garbage (as part of an organized project)
  • Invite a your little to your workplace possible, show him your desk, describe your responsibilities, and let him meet your colleagues
  • Wash your car together
  • Take a train to the next town, walk around, learn about the history of the place
  • Attend a street concert (don`t forget about safety in a crowd)
  • Go to the movie (morning movies are less expensive)
  • Walk your dog together
  • More great Activities for Children

Vadim Menshov Director, Orphanage №8Vadim Menshov