Join our tea parties

We recently came up with the idea to do tea parties for our children and volunteer mentors once a month on Saturdays. We would like our matches to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to allow mentors to share their experiences with other mentors and for children to make friends with other children. It is just an afternoon to gather and have fun together! Each tea party will have a special theme, for example, based on a cartoon, a movie, or a story, or centered around games (pantomimes, mafia etc.). Our case managers also attend the tea parties, so there are opportunities to address any questions you may have.


We are looking for you have original ideas and materials for tea parties and for volunteers to help run one of the events.  

We would be happy to have your help!  

Anna Bernikova Administrator, Rehabilitation and Correctional Education Center, Federal Institute for Educational DevelopmentAnna Bernikova